Can C1-Carbon1 be installed on my boat?

Of course. C1-Carbon1 was designed to give everyone the pleasure of a real shower. All you need is sufficient space on either your deck or transom!

Why is it customizable for my boat?

So the height from the shower floor to the showerhead will always be the ideal measurement, whether installed on the deck or transom. In fact, if the shower base is installed above the shower floor, the bottom piece with the mixer will be customized to ensure the showerhead remain at the standard height.

Does the shower rotate 360° even when it is in use?

Of course! Thanks to an exclusive Inoxstyle C1-Carbon1 system, the shower rotates completely even when it is in use.

Why does the shower come with a double function mixer?

Unlike the cheapest progressive mixer that allows users to only control water temperature but not the flow, C1-Carbon1 includes a double function mixer with no visible screws. This type of mixer allows users to regulate both water flow and temperature, thus allowing water and energy savings while providing the ideal shower experience.


What is needed for installation?

Once you determine where the shower will be installed, installing C1-Carbon1 is very simple. The universal connectors, which need to be hooked up to the hot and cold water taps upstream of the shower base, require just a few simple tools. Any plumber or handyman will be able to quickly install the shower.

How long does it take to install the shower? How long to dismantle it?

Installing or dismantling the shower, after its initial installation, requires just a few minutes and no tools. The same to dismantle it. Just three clicks, turn on the water, and you are ready!

How should the shower be stored for long periods of time?

After dismantling the shower and rinsing it with fresh water, dry it with a soft towel and store it in a dry location.


When will my shower arrive?

Order preparation, up to delivery to the courier, takes only a few days. Delivery will be made by an express courier. Shipping times once the shower leaves our warehouse are 1 to 3 days in Italy and 2 to 5 days in Europe.