Legal Warranty

General Information On The Legal Warranty.

Every product purchased for personal use and not for professional purposes is covered by the legal warranty on consumer goods, which covers defects that present themselves within 24 months of the product’s delivery.

What Is The Legal Warranty?

It is the warranty on the sale of consumer goods provided for in the Community Directive 1999/44/CE, also known as “conformity warranty”, which protects you if products you purchase present defects of conformity with the contract of sale (“Legal Warranty”).

This occurs, for example, if the product functions poorly, cannot be used according to the description provided by the seller, or for the purpose for which the same type of product is typically used, does not have the characteristics or quality promised by the seller, or does not perform for the use for which you purchased it.

To receive assistance regarding purchased products’ warranty, write to:

How Long Does The Legal Warranty Last?

The Legal Warranty covers conformity defects that present themselves within 24 months from the delivery date, even if at that time the defect was not immediately verified. In order to be valid, you must communicate the presence of the defect within two months of its discovery.

Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that conformity defects that occur within the first 6 months from the date of the goods’ delivery already existed on that date, unless this assumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or with the nature of the conformity defect.

We recommend that you safeguard the purchase receipt that you find in the product packaging, as well as the shipping confirmation and delivery documents.

Do I Have A Right To The Legal Warranty?

The Legal Warranty is applicable only to products purchased for personal use and not for professional purposes.

What Rights Does The Legal Warranty Give Me?

If the product you purchase presents a defect covered by the Legal Warranty, you have the right, at no cost, to a repair or exchange of the defective product. You have the right to a partial refund or full refund in the following cases:

  1. If the substitution or repair of the product is not possible or excessively expensive;
  2. If the seller has not attempted to repair or replace the product in a reasonable period of time; or
  3. If the substitution or repair of the product has caused you excessive inconvenience.

The amount to be refunded or the amount to which you are entitled will be determined based on how much you have used the product.

Be aware that a minor defect for which it has not been possible or is too difficult to carry out a small repair or substitution does not entitle you to a full refund.

What To Do In The Case Of A Defect?

To receive assistance related to warranties, please write to We will help you resolve the problem related to the use of the product you have purchased.

If the problem derives from a defect, we will open a file in your name that will be assigned a code for the repair or free replacement of the defective product.
Be aware that in the case of substitutions, we will strive to deliver the new product within a reasonable timeframe and that you will need to send back the defective product within 30 days from the date you receive our communication regarding the shipment of the substitution product.