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If the shower is going to be installed on a level above the shower floor:

The shower may need to be installed on a level above the shower floor. In this case, the distance between the shower floor and where the shower will be installed should be measured.
This measurement then needs to be communicated when ordering, selecting between the various choices in the options window, in order to ensure that the base of the shower is made to size. This will guarantee that the showerhead measures the standard approximate 200cm from the shower floor.

Contents of the offer

1 Shower body

The shower is two pieces, constructed from composite fiber and covered in bi-oriented carbon fiber that has been finished in an anti-UV varnish. Invisible cold/hot water connectors with 1/4” hookups and quick connect fittings. Double function mixer (water flow and water temperature) without visible screws, replaceable filter; pressure locking installation to the shower base, no tools necessary.

2 shower arm

Made from marine grade stainless steel 316L, featuring a multiple process, manual “Nautical” mirror finish.


Large diameter (225mm), with anti-limestone anti-obstruction silicone rubber; standard connection to the shower arm.



Assembled shower: diameter 45mm, height 207cm, showerhead height 200cm, shower arm 375mm.
Disassembled dimensions: shower base with mixer and connectors 130cm (maximum length), upper shower body 93cm.

*(the shower base is produced to size depending on its installation location)